My BEST 13 Top Bucket List Items

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These are my top bucket list items in no particular order. And they are my bucket list as of today. It may change tomorrow or the next day.


Number 1: Write a Book

I am currently working on this. I hope it is a success and one day I will see my books next to my favorite authors!

Number 2: Snow Ski

This may sound boring to some, however, I have always wanted to try it.

Number 3: Visit a Pink Sand Beach


There are around 12 pink sand beaches around the world. I would love to go to at least one. Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda would probably be my first choice.

Number 4: Ride in a hot air balloon

I just think this would be amazing!

Number 5: See the Northern Lights

Specifically in Canada.


Number 6: Catch a shark

I don’t know why but I would love to go out on a deep-sea boat and hook a shark!

Number 7: Skinny dip in the ocean

I may be too old for this one but it just sounds amazing!

Number 8: Travel somewhere new

Travel somewhere new every year!

Number 9: Meet Kid Rock

He is at the top of my “favorite musicians” list.

Number 10: Cave diving

The springs around my parts have beautiful underwater caves! I really want to get over my fear and check them out.

Number 11: Visit every spring

I love the springs in Florida. My goal is to visit a different one each week of the summer. Floating down a clear water spring is one of my favorite things to do!

Number 12: Ride a passenger train

This just fascinates me. But I want it to be through a beautiful mountain.

Number 13: Ride in a race car

Like in an actual race. Of course not me driving.

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